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NEWS Announcement:
The most recent paper on Ptolemaic bronze coin metrology:
A Metrological Survey of Ptolemaic Bronze Coins III. Cyprus 1st and 2nc C. BC
was published one year ago and now it has just been posted and made available for free download (PDF).
You may read and download the paper on the author's Academia (dot) edu page:
Academia Page with new Cyprus Metrology Paper
Visitors to this web site on Ptolemaic bronze coins may also find the Academia site to be a good source of downloadable papers and research information.
Also there is a Facebook page connected to this web site that is freely accessible as well:
PtolemyBronze Facebook Page
Please visit there for some posts and illustrations about coin type design elements and more information on Ptolemaic bronze coins.

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COIN PHOTOS - View Mint and Denomination Series of Ptolemaic Bronzes
An identification guide for hundreds of types of Ptolemaic bronze coins.

Addendum to CPE
Images, catalog numbers, and information for
types not included in Coins of The Ptolemaic Empire (see below).

Collected academic publications and powerpoint presentations on Ptolemaic bronze coinage.

Offprint of the Revue belge de Numismatique (2020) Paper on Ptolemiac bronze Coin Metrology of Cyprus during 2nd and 1st C. BC (online PDF)
Offprint of the American Journal of Numismatics (2013) Paper on Ptolemaic Bronze Coin Metrology of the 3rd C. BC (online PDF)
Offprint of the Numismatic Chronicle (2011) Paper on Sicilian Ptolemaic Bronzes (online PDF)
All Web Supplemental Material For The 'Sicilian' Paper
Read About Ptolemaic Bronzes Minted By Hieron II Of Syracuse
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Learn about how Ptolemaic bronzes were manufactured
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Reference Books on Ptolemaic Coins

Coins of The Ptolemaic Empire - Part 1 (Ptolemy I - IV), Volumes 1 and 2 (precious metals and bronze) - The American Numismatic Society 2018 - by Catharine Lorber. This monumental work is the product of 25 years research and writing is the first contribution of its magnitude in over 100 years, the indispensable modern standard reference work for Ptolemiac coinage with a new catalog of types and plate illustrations.

Ta Nomismata tou Kratous ton Ptolemaion (The Coinage of the Ptolemaic Empire) - by J. Svoronos. The most important and comprehensive reference work on Ptolemaic coins covers over 650 bronze types (and another 1000 or so silver and gold coins). Known as 'Svoronos', for short. This work is long ago out of print (having appeared over 100 years ago) but it is enormously important to collectors of Ptolemaic coins (gold, silver and bronze). You can read and learn to identify Ptolemaic bronzes using the online translation of this Greek language work (translated by Catharine Lorber) that has been provided, gratis, in an online version by Ed Waddell. The link is shown above. This is the gold standard to which all subsequent analysis and research is referenced. There is also now a complete Google-book scan version of the entire two-volume work available online free.

Die Muenzen der Ptolemaer - Historisches Museum Frankfurt am Main (The Coins of the Ptolemies - Historical Museum of Frankfurt am Main) 2000 - by Hans-Christoph Noeske (available in paperback). This book is in German and covers a number of bronzes (as well as silver and gold coins) in the collection of the museum mentioned in its title. This book has nice plates and its own catalog numbering but there are handy cross-reference tables to Svoronos and SNGCopenhagen catalog numbers.

Katalog Ptolemaischer Bronzemuenzen Der Sammlung Des Instituts Fur Altertumskunde Der Universitat Zu Koln (Catalog of Ptolemaic Bronze Coins of the Institute for Ancient Culture of the University of Cologne) 1995 - by Wolfram Weiser (out of print, paper).
This book is also in German and covers only bronzes (about 170 pcs) in the collection of the museum in its title. With good plates this is a valuable reference because it takes an updated approach to some of the reignal attributions and shows a few coins that aren't in Svoronos. The difficulty is that the analytical support for the revised attributions is said to be 'coming in a future publication' but has never appeared in print. Some of the reignal attribution changes are likely mistaken but overall a very interesting collection with excellent photographs.

SNG Copenhagen, vol. 41: Egypt: The Ptolemies, Copenhagen, 1974 (Sylloge Numismorum Graecorum - Collection of the Royal Museum of Copenhagen) - by Otto Morkholm and Anne Kromann - This book covers a large number of Ptolemaic bronzes and has some revisions and updates to Svoronos. Some reignal attributions need revision in light of newer research.

Ptolemaic Coins: An Introduction for Collectors, Toronto, 2015 by R. A. Hazzard
Note: Original edition of 1995 has been revised and updated in a new 2015 edition.

The Jon Hosking Collection of Ptolemaic Coins. Sidney: Nicholson Museum, University of Sidney in association with Noble Numismatics Pty, Ltd. 2000 by Colin Pitchfork.

Catalogues of the Greek Coins in the British Museum (Vol. 6 The Ptolemies, Kings of Egypt) by R. S. Poole, 1883. This book, though long ago outdated (esp. by Svoronos), is nevertheless valuable as a source of photos for type comparisons. A link to an online set of the plates from this book is found above.

Papers by Catharine Lorber on Ptolemaic Bronzes

Development of Ptolemaic Bronze Coinage in Egypt - Institut Francais d'Archaeologie Orientale; Etudes alexandrines 10 - 2005, p. 135. An overview of this field that is short, to the point, and can help collectors become quickly familiar with the themes, types, sizes, and history of Ptolemaic bronzes. A must-read.

A Hoard of Ptolemaic Bronze Coins in Commerce, October 1992 (CH 8, 413) - (Stephen M. Huston and Catharine C. Lorber) - Detailed analysis of the Coinex Hoard (see web link to more info on the Coinex Hoard, above).

Large Ptolemaic Bronzes in Third-Century Egyptian Hoards - AJN Second Series 12 (2000) pp 67-92. - Another valuable comparison of actual coins found in modern hoards with coin sizes and types, monogram series, and their relationships to time periods and reigns. Another must-read.

The Lotus of Aphrodite on Ptolemaic Bronzes - Swiss Numismatic Revue v. 80 2001 p. 39 - A study of a variety of Ptolemaic bronzes of Cyprus with 'lotus flower' design feature that explains a historical and reignal sequence of types and styles. This paper is of especially important interest to students and collectors of the coins of Cyprus.

PtolemAE - Fast Attribution Software for Ptolemaic Bronzes

Svoronos and the other reference books are extremely valuable, but Svoronos contains over 650 different catalog entries for different types of Ptolemaic bronzes alone. That can make attribution and comparisons very tedious and time-consuming even with the online version at hand in a web browser.

To make it much easier, faster, and more fun to identify a coin with its Svoronos catalog number there is now a software program for PC, called PtolemAE, that uses a few pull-down menus to instantly create a list from which you can easily find the best match to your coin in seconds. The PtolemAE program essentially *is* Svoronos, in software form. The program is accompanied by a specially created database that catalogs almost all the information about over 650 Svoronos catalog entries for bronzes in a coded form the program can use.

You may download the a free trial version of this tool here:

Download free demo attribution software

Just save the .zip file, then unzip it and you'll have a folder which contains the program and all supporting files in one group. You do not neet to install it - just run the program and you'll get the hang of it in 30 seconds. The demo version is a bit simplified and provides a bit less information than the full version and it will shut itself off in a few minutes. You may run it again and again as many times as you like.

A full version of the PtolemAE software attribution program provides more information for each match and narrows down your search with more pull-down menus is also available. The full version is intended for those who need speedier attribution tools without the tedious recourse to Svoronos itself. A modest contribution to the PtolemAE Project web site is requested by the author for the full version of PtolemAE. Those who do contribute the requested amount will get a CDROM with the program and a nice collection of with hundreds of high resolution photos showing detailed images of hundreds of many different Svoronos catalog entry types. A smaller contribution is requested of part-time ancient coin dealers and a very modest amount from non-commercial collectors.

Email request for the full PtolemAE attribution program on CD with photo gallery

Click on this image-link to see a screen-shot of the 'full' version of PtolemAE.

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