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Abstract of newly published article on metrology of Ptolemaic bronze coins
issued on Cyprus during 2nd - 1st C. BC.

A Metrological Survey of Ptolemaic Bronze Coins - III. Cyprus 1st and 2nd C. BC Revue belge de Numismatique, 2020 p. 227 - 264

A quantitative analysis is presented of weights of Ptolemaic bronze coins of Cyprus from the second to first century BC, spanning the reigns of Ptolemy V and Cleopatra VII. The study relies on weights of over one thousand recorded specimens of more than 70 coin types. The data support comparisons of coin types and related series with one another and suggest broad weight and denomination relationships.

Additional Content:
There are three tables of weight data, eight graphs of histograms and weight:value regression fit and group comparisons, as well as five plates with color illustrations of dozens of coin types.