PtolemAE Ptolemaic Bronze Coin Attribution Program

Note: The online interactive version is a Java Applet and due to circumstances beyond our control the applets have been removed and are no longer supported here.

You may download the a free trial version of this tool here:

Download free demo attribution software

Just save the .zip file, then unzip it and you'll have a folder which contains the program and all supporting files in one group. You do not neet to install it - just run the program and you'll get the hang of it in 30 seconds. The demo version is a bit simplified and provides a bit less information than the full version and it will shut itself off in a few minutes. You may run it again and again as many times as you like.

A full version of the PtolemAE software attribution program provides more information for each match and narrows down your search with more pull-down menus is also available. The full version is intended for those who need speedier attribution tools without the tedious recourse to Svoronos itself. A modest contribution to the PtolemAE Project web site is requested by the author for the full version of PtolemAE. Those who do contribute the requested amount will get a CDROM with the program and a nice collection of with hundreds of high resolution photos showing detailed images of hundreds of many different Svoronos catalog entry types. A smaller contribution is requested of part-time ancient coin dealers and a very modest amount from non-commercial collectors.