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Comparison: Weight Distributions of Svoronos 610 Border Types

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Comparison: Weight Distributions of Svoronos 610 Border Types

For all the coin weight distribution analyses we adopt the assumption that data are randomly sampled from normal (Gaussian) population distributions. Table A2-2 summarizes statistical results for all weight group comparisons. Comparison of Sv 610 Types with Reverse Dotted and Circular Borders Comparing the weight distributions of the two reverse border types of Svoronos 610 coins lets us see if they are justifiably treated as a single group, as in our subsequent analyses and comparisons to other coin type weight distributions. We see in the accompanying figure that indeed the weight distributions of the two border types are indistinguishable. The t-Test result comparing the two sets yielded a p value of 0.75 indicating they appear as if parts of a single population; a shared weight distribution with mean value of about 17.2 grams. Additional details of the weight distributions, comparisons, and statistics are found in Table A2-2.